Bespoke Boardroom Table

This customer came to us to source a huge 6.4m x 1.4m Boardroom/conference table and chairs.

We discussed the exact requirements in our showroom and were able to show computer generated images of what the table would look like and where the legs and framework would sit.

After selecting the table we moved on to power management. Our customer had already sourced the desk inserts but needed the holes cut into the table to accommodate them, this wasn't a problem for the manufacturer. The templates for the power systems were sent over and the manufacturer plotted suitable positions on the table which kept everything easily accessible whilst avoiding the joins in the lid and the framework.

The holes were then cut perfectly into the lid during the manufacturing process.

With very little money left in the budget for chairs we knew that new chairs were not going to be achievable so we set about selecting suitable chairs from our selection of used meeting chairs. Our customer selected some executive quality chairs that suited both the table and room. At a fraction of the cost of new chairs we managed to keep within budget.

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